Friday, 9 April 2010


Poem 206 of 230:  MY DIET

Chasing breads, nuts, bananas,
    Red sauce, apples, sultanas,
Crackers, conserves, cucumbers,
    Pickles, porridge, pottages -

Lemon barley,
    Cocoa, coffee,
Or cups of tea.

(C) David Franks 2003

Butter beans in a mixed red and mustard sauce
on white toast with a dairy-free/vegan spread

Toast 'soldiers' for dipping in vegetable soup
as well as mustard, mint and tomato sauces

Sandwich lunch at Southport in Lancashire:
lettuce with pickled olives/gherkins/onions;
or a berry jam and peanut butter; 28/8/2017

Microwaved banana with cocoa powder 

Pears, bananas and sultanas in soya milk/cream

Fruit salad - bananas, sultans, and grapes

Beans on crackers with dairy-free spread

Porridge topped with sultanas or maple syrup

Modern pottage ready to microwave at work:
vegetable soup with tofu, corn, mint and sauce

New potatoes and cabbage in vegetable soup
with home-grown mint, mint sauce, and tofu 

Pak choi with potatoes and tofu in veg soup
later mopped-up with a slice of white bread

Vegetable stew/pottage with tofu for protein

Stew: radish, peas, carrots, cucumber, unions

Basmati rice via absorption method

Baked beans and rice plus pak choi

Similar to a vegetable paella, my dish of rice,
veg soup, mushrooms, unions, corn and tofu

Noodles with tofu, soya sauce and vegetables

Fusilli, baked beans, asparagus and mushrooms

Canned baked beans for protein -
reusing a coffee lid for freshness

My tea and coffee corner

My kitchen cupboard