Monday, 14 February 2011


Poem 101 of 230:  JUST SUBSIST

D2 F#3 G2 F#3 G2 A3 G2 G3
D2 A3 A2 G3 F#2 G3 G2 G3
D2 B3 B2 A3 G2 A3 G2 G3
D2 A3 A2 G3 F#2 G3 G2 G3
D2 A3 A2 G3 F#2 G3 G2 G3 -
i.e., each last-line repeated)

At times when I’ve had time to take,
    I’ve thought of a plot by a lake.
The place would be of fertile ground,
    With native flora all around.

The plot’s dwelling would be basic -
    Well insulated, made of brick.
Plus, on this abode, there’d be built -
    Solar panels, kept at best tilt.

And, also tapping nature's hand,
    Sails turning atop a stand.
Orchard and vines, for fruit and shade;
    Plus, in thin beds, vegetables laid.

Up at dawn, to use all sunlight -
    Farm by day/play and sing at night.
A spouse with me I’d not resist -
    In retirement, we’d just subsist.

(C) David Franks 2003
Hear here - 
Hampstead Heath, London; 16/5/2016

Epping Forest, London; 25/5/2015

Kew Gardens, London; 4/9/2016