Saturday, 14 May 2011


Poem 71 of 230:  ME AT 33

Gandhi-glasses with twelve-years of wear,
    Clubfoot, slight scoliosis, thin hair;
I have a goatee, am built quite lean,
    And in golfing-clothes I’m mostly seen.

Single/once divorced, with no children -
    Except one sponsored with World Vision.
Back in Manchester, my place of birth -
    On that World Cup day, for what it’s worth.

Sound at exams, moulding, travel, sport -
    At home when wishes are fairly sought.
And I am a didactic being -
    Having seen much needless suffering.

(P.S: I hope a stronger U.N.
Replaces the need for such "Vision.")

(C) David Franks 2003

Me at about 33 years old

Saint Mary's Hospital, Manchester -
my birthplace; 29/5/2017

Saint Mary's from Whitworth Park; 29/5/17

National Portrait Gallery, London; 26/6/15