Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Poem 52 of 230:  OUT OF PLACE

As I paid my bus fee
    To leave Nairobi,
A woman caught my eye:
    From what I could see
(Red garb, bead jewellery),
    She was a Masai.

From anthropology,
    I’d heard how stubbornly
They try to defy
    Factors tending to be
Against them culturally -
    I like the Masai.

Now, from my T.V.,
    News has reminded me
That space tourists buy,
    In order to see
Big-game roaming free,
    Belonged to Masai.

They live nomadically:
    With stock, they go-look-see
To get enough supply
    Of grass - whose energy,
Converted, comes to be
    The life-spring of Masai.

(C) David Franks 2003

Masai at Nairobi C.B.D.;
February 2014

Masai at Nairobi Safari Walk;
February 2014

Masai at Bomas of Kenya;
February 2014

Masai painted by a Masai - now in my home