Sunday, 11 September 2011


Poem 34 of 230:  FOR KIN - LAMENTED TO ME

She squats down and rests her head on her knee:
    Stretching her muscles - so tired is she.
A quick glance at her watch...time takes so long:
    Still three minutes left - must be one more song.

It’s her very last turn upon the stage,
    But men are eyeing her - wanting to rage.
She finishes her dance, picks up her things;
    To the hope of home and a rest she clings.

But the doorman-cum-pimp has other news,
    For two customers have money to use.
Wearily she follows to their hotel -
    Sometimes she thinks: “Might be better in hell.”

As vain men take turns on the rented bed,
    She consoles herself: “I could starve instead.”
Plus the pay for sex is more than for dance,
    And it much improves her kin’s circumstance.

(C) David Franks 2003