Monday, 10 October 2011


Poem 25 of 230:  UBUD

At Bali’s Ubud,
    I wound myself down:
Having done Asia,
    It was just the town -
Before Australia
    And work to be found.

Staying in a hut
    (Traditional ‘twas),
Beside rice paddies,
    And just eight dollars,
My mind was at ease -
    Calm like a scholar’s.

I read and I mused
    Over where I’d been;
Saw Monkey Jungle,
    Which is cool and green;
And, from a bundle,
    Chose an artist’s scene.

At night, a gecko -
    Friendly, on the wall;
By day, a farmer -
    At his rice-toil;
And, always, culture -
    Ubud’s worth a call.

(C) David Franks 2003

A Balinese "artist's scene"

Balinese carving on a chopstick case

Geckos at Natural History Museum,
London; 28/12/2016