Saturday, 10 December 2011


Poem 5 of 230:  STATE TO STATE


C2 F2 G2 F3
C2 F2 G2 F3
C2 F2 G2 F3
C2 F2 G2 F3
F2 G2 F2 C3
F2 G2 F2 C3
F2 G2 F2 C3
C2 F2 F1 F3)

From Sydney Town,
    In uni. break,
I drove out west
    To earnings make
Onion picking,
    On the fields
Of Echuca,
    That year’s yields.

                                           After day’s work,
                                               From Y.H.A.,
                                           A group of us
                                               Would not delay
                                           To walk on down
                                               To the dirt rim
                                           Of the Murray,
                                               For a cool swim.

On one such day,
    I do declare,
Some three of us
    Had a big dare
To swim across,
    From state to state,
The wide Murray -
    I took the bait.

                                           Yes, foolishly,
                                               I took the bait -
                                           A choice that I
                                               Would come to hate,
                                           For I almost
                                               Did drown that date,
                                           Making the swim
                                               From state to state.

(C) David Franks 2003
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