Friday, 9 April 2010


Poem 206 of 230:  MY DIET

Chasing breads, nuts, bananas,
    Red sauce, apples, sultanas,
Crackers, conserves, cucumbers,
    Pickles, porridge, pottages -

Lemon barley,
    Cocoa, coffee,
Or cups of tea.

(C) David Franks 2003

Toast with grilled vegan-cheese plus herbs; 
& strawberry jam, peanut-butter + sultanas 

Toast soldiers (yes, still!) with vegan butter, 
dipped in veg cup-a-soup + soya & red sauce 

Sweet and savoury avocado on toast:  vegan-
butter, red & soya sauce/peanut butter & jam

Baked beans (some squashed for flavour)
& mushrooms on toast, with vegan butter

Scrambled (in rapeseed oil and soya sauce)
tofu on toast with fried bread/& mushrooms

Microwaved sliced banana & vegan chocolate

Crackers with peanut butter, strawberry jam,
baked beans, vegan cheese, sauce & pickles

Salad - pickled & fresh - with vegan cheese 

Porridge with jam, peanut butter, cinnamon,
cocoa, as well as, yes, tofu for some protein
(Alternatives: sugar, sultanas, golden syrup)

Pottages: veg & beans/tofu sautéd then stewed
in a veg cup-a-soup stock, before adding oats,
herbs and spices, plus soya sauce & red sauce

Broken toasted flatbread, with baked beans,
red sauce, and soft vegan (coconut) cheese 

Even better than lemon barley - especially
with the a Blue Mountains view! 14/11/2019

A sandwich of vegan butter, cheese & ketchup,
placed on lettuce, butter beans & black olives

Avocado with a pool of maple/golden-syrup

A full (vegan) English breakfast, sometimes
with tofu and/or fried-bread - toasted first.

Butter beans in a mixed red + mustard sauce,
on sliced-white toasted bread & vegan butter

Sandwich lunch at Southport in Lancashire,
with a reused sliced-loaf package; 28/8/17 

Microwaved split-banana with cocoa powder 

Pears, bananas & sultanas in soya milk/cream

Fruit salad - bananas, sultans, and grapes

Ready for an office microwave, new potatoes
and cabbage in a vegetable cup-a-soup stock,
with home-grown mint/mint-sauce, and tofu 

Pak choi with potatoes and tofu in veg soup,
later mopped-up with a slice of white bread

Vegetable stew/pottage with tofu for protein

Stew: radish, peas, carrots, cucumber, onions

My glasses and spices shelves

Canned baked beans for protein -
reusing a coffee lid for freshness

My kitchen fridge

My kitchen cupboard

My tea and coffee corner