Monday, 12 April 2010


Poem 203 of 230:  IN SITU

When faced with a critical view,
    A zoo’s main raison d’être is -
The conservation of species;
    But that should be done in situ.

(C) David Franks 2003

Australian Water Dragon - at home within 
Symbio Wildlife Park, N.S.W.; 23/11/2017

Meerkat - out of Africa in Symbio
Wildlife Park, N.S.W.; 23/11/2017

A native Snake-Necked Turtle - at home in
Symbio Wildlife Park, N.S.W.; 23/11/2017

Red Panda - out of Asia in Symbio; 23/11/17

Koala in Symbio Park; 23/11/17

Sumatran tiger in N.S.W.'s Symbio; 23/11/17

Emu in Symbio Wildlife Park; 23/11/2017

Wallaby in Symbio; 23/11/17

Eastern Grey Kangaroos in Symbio; 23/11/17

South American penguins at London Zoo,
from Regent's Park Broad Walk; June 2014

Good conservation "In Situ" at
 Nairobi, Kenya; February 2014

From a Nairobi Safari Walk; February 2014:
white/wide mouth rhino, lion, cheetah, kudu,
impala, zebra, Nile crocodile, hippo, tortoise,
blue duiker, leopard, and ostrich with giraffe