Monday, 12 July 2010


Poem 173 of 230:  VALLEY VIEWS - AUTUMN 2001

The winds can whistle and the walls can creak,
    But, from my beloved old rocking-chair,
Through a rhombus-patterned lounge-room window,
    The Tyne-valley views induce one to stare:

Over a canopy of estate trees -
    With ash, hornbeam, rowan, and sycamore -
To the houses, parks, stores and works below,
    Which fringe the river on the valley's floor...

Then up the other side to more parkland,
    More clusters of trees and residencies,
Streets that yield, at night, sparkles of light,
    Plus the Angel of the North, topping these.

(C) David Franks 2003

Same Windsor Elm Rocking Chair -
now in my Manchester flat; 18/3/21

Valley Views, through the seasons, from
a rented flat in Cruddas Park, Newcastle;
taken on my 1st digital camera 2007-2012