Thursday, 11 November 2010


Poem 134 of 230:  RAWTENSTALL - SPRING 2001

A whistle’s “okay, go” scream,
    Plus the sight and sound of steam
Against a stone tunnel-wall,
    On the track to Rawtenstall.

High up from where I now dwell,
    A much narrower Irwell
Flows past Rawtenstall’s station -
    Making its own Bury run.

Turning to view a wide ridge,
    I walked to Weavers’ Cottage,
Whose staff enlightened me on
    How wool was spun and woven.

Climbing past strong stone-houses,
    I found the slope for skiers,
And the place for which I’d come -
    Rossendale Museum.

Set within Whitaker Park,
    This museum holds fine-art,
Old furniture and fashion,
    Plus a species collection.

Again with stops for the sights,
    I stepped down Rawtenstall’s heights
To where track and river wed -
    The train ready with a head…

(C) David Franks 2003