Monday, 13 December 2010


Poem 122 of 230:  PROUD PRESTON - AUTUMN 2000

Heavy autumnal rain
    Had surged the Ribble’s flow
When I walked to and fro
    The foot, motor, and train
Bridges, that have allowed
    Many - some in combat -
To cross this river at
    A town justly self-proud.

(C) David Franks 2003

Liverpool Rd Ribble crossing, Preston; 20/4/19

A59 Ribble crossing, Preston; 20/4/2019

Upriver from Liverpool Rd, Preston; 20/4/19

Upriver to more Preston bridges; 20/4/19 

A slower-flow - 19 years on from my poem
on Preston's Ribble crossings; 20/4/2019

Footbridge over Ribble, Preston; 20/4/19
Disused West Lancashire Railway bridge -
now just a gas-crossing, Preston; 20/4/19

To current railway bridge; 20/4/19

Preston's current railway bridge; 20/4/19

Avenham and Miller Park, Preston; 20/4/19

The old East Lancashire Railway bridge -
at Avenham and Miller Park; 20/4/2019

Old Tram Rd at Avenham and Miller Park -
another Ribble crossing, Preston; 20/4/19

English Football League, Preston; 20/4/19

Lancashire County Hall, Preston; 20/4/19