Saturday, 11 December 2010


Poem 124 of 230:  FROM MORECAMBE - AUTUMN 2000

A long-and-wide red promenade,
    Art mirroring local fauna,
Pebbles preventing sand-shore fade,
    Boats that may be modern-prawner,
Huge mudflats where birds and folks wade,
    The far-shore tide-guides help shortcut,
Then, higher-and-higher-back laid,
    Fells that peak where the Lakelands jut.

(C) David Franks 2003

Morecambe's Promenade - "long-and-wide"
and, in parts, still coloured "red"; 20/4/19

Morecambe's local-fauna artwork; 20/4/19

Pebbles on Morecambe's sands; 20/4/2019

Morecambe Bay prawner boats; 20/4/2019

Morecambe's huge mudflats; 20/4/2019

The far-shore of Morecambe Bay; 20/4/19

Lakeland fells north of Morecambe; 20/4/19

Some extra artwork from Morecambe...

Local Eric Morecambe 20/4/2019