Friday, 14 January 2011


Poem 111 of 230:  THE MERSEY AT DIDSBURY - SPRING 2000


Eb2 F2 G2 Ab2 G3
D2 F2 G2 Ab2 G3
D2 F2 G2 Ab2 G3
D2 G2 Ab2 Bb2 Ab3
D2 G2 Ab2 Bb2 Ab3
D2 F2 G2 Ab2 G3)

Took bus one-four-three,
    From Piccadilly,
Along Oxford Road,
    Passed the old uni’s,
Those shops with saris,
    And my first abode.

At Didsbury Village,
    The Old Parsonage
Looked neat, and gave sound,
    As I walked the way,
At about midday,
    To a Mersey mound.

From atop this bank,
    No longer a blank
Was the strong river,
    Nor the wide fairways -
Where I’d filled two days,
    Twelve years earlier.

I then headed back,
    On Stenner Woods’ track
(Hearing more birdsong,
    And seeing mossed stumps
Plus well-layered clumps),
    To a human throng.

This throng was viewing -
    Justly pursuing -
The smart rock gardens,
    Sloped on Fletcher Moss,
Which I, too, did cross,
    Before homeward wends.

(C) David Franks 2003
Hear here -

Bus 143 at Piccadilly Gardens; 13/5/2015

Manchester Uni. on Oxford Rd.; 14/5/2015

A shop with saris on Oxford Rd. 13/5/2015

Didsbury Clock Tower; 13/5/2015

Nice pub at Didsbury Village; 13/5/2015

Old Parsonage Gardens; 13/5/15

Poplar Avenue, Didsbury; 13/5/15

River Mersey & Didsbury Golf Club; 13/5/15

Scorecard from 1 of my 2 rounds

On Stenner Woods' track, Didsbury; 13/5/15 

Fletcher Moss and The Rockery; 13/5/2015

Fletcher Moss bus stop, Didsbury; 13/5/15