Friday, 7 January 2011


Poem 118 of 230:  WHALLEY ABBEY...WHAT TALES? - AUTUMN 2000

Cistercian monks have clearly been -
    Their Abbey’s ruins can still be seen;
And, sounding for centuries before,
    Calder flows have passed - seeking the shore.
Lords of the grounds have, more lately, stayed -
    Their manor houses reused and unscathed.
Through beautiful gardens insects fly -
    The ruins of folk just a pass-by;
And, by viaduct, trains pass above -
    Folk, thereby, viewing a village I love.
Tourists, C. of E. delegates,
    Anglers and hikers have crossed the gates...
Opportunistic masons, kings-men,
    Model makers, Turner, and men who pen...
Perhaps the witches came down from the hill,
    And do ghosts haunt - still questing their fill..?

(C) David Franks 2003

Whalley Station and Abbey Gate; 24/8/2019

Other gates, walls and windows
within Whalley Abbey; 24/8/19
Gardens, insects, buildings and ruins within
the old grounds of Whalley Abbey; 24/8/19

Whalley Viaduct and train-window views of
The Sands & Calder, by the Abbey; 24/8/19

Around the village of Whalley; 24/8/2019