Saturday, 12 March 2011


Poem 93 of 230:  ONE-POT COOKING

While living as a bachelor,
    I’ve cooked in just one pot -
Cast-iron with a wooden handle,
    It can hold quite a lot:

In locally-grown rapeseed oil,
    Sweat onions a while -
Adding mushrooms, veggie instant-soup,
     And greens to the pile;

Then, with this vegan-mix nearly done,
    Add spice, oats, and canned beans.
Served with some toast plus tomato sauce,
    To an end, it's a means.

(C) David Franks 2003

From one cast-iron pot; 2/1/2012

New pot and slightly different way; 31/1/20

With the addition of oats, pottages; 20/10/20

One-pot potato stew/mash - with fresh mint,
after giving my pot-plant a hair cut! 17/2/21