Friday, 13 May 2011


Poem 72 of 230:  MILLENNIUM DREAMS

We can control our day’s thought,
    But not our sleepy night’s dream.
My dreams, these nights, are of this sort:
    Red earth; tanned grass; gums by a stream.

I’ll do my bit from Manchester,
    But, if again in Australia,
I’m sure like this I’d fondly dream:
    Snow on swans; willows by a stream.

(C) David Franks 2003

Aus. shaped from a coathanger; 26/6/2013

From a train near Blue Mountains; 14/11/19

Australia's Channel Country; 28/11/2015

Gums by Bundeena Gully, Sydney; 17/11/15

Willows by Colchester's Colne;

Willow by Manchester's Irwell;

River Witham, Lincolnshire; 16/5/2017

Willows by River Wye, Buxton; 15/7/2017

Regent's Park, London; 6/5/2016

Willows by Castle Mill Stream, Oxford; 5/9/15

Willows by River Cam, Cambridge; 17/8/15