Monday, 13 June 2011


Poem 62 of 230:  BIT OF EACH

By coach then bus, from Manchester,
    A fine place I did reach -
The Birmingham Botanical
    Gardens and Glasshouses install
A little bit of each:

The nation’s bonsai collection;
    A cottage and garden;
There’s neatly-cut lawn-tennis courts;
    Aquatics, ferns, other plant sorts;
And art for a bargain.

(C) David Franks 2003

Signs to bits of fine Birmingham
Botanical Gardens; 26/8/2014

B.B.G.'s glasshouses; 26/8/2014

National Bonsai Collection; 26/8/14

Cottage and Garden; 26/8/2014

"Neatly-cut lawn-tennis courts"; 26/8/2014

"Aquatics, ferns, other plant sorts"; 26/8/14

To rest or nest, within B.B.G.; 26/8/2014

Some of the art NOT for sale
at B.B. Gardens; 26/8/2014