Friday, 8 July 2011


Poem 57 of 230:  MANCHESTER - A GIST

Sports, large warehouses and merchants are the gist -
    A centre for distribution and trade,
Plus making goods and services for this list;
    Well placed, in these, it seems, the future’s laid.

Oh - I should note the entertainment trade,
And that, from fruit and grain, fine foods are made.

(C) David Franks 2003

October prep for Halloween AND Christmas
along Deansgate, Manchester; 20/10/2019

Christmas along Deansgate; 17/12/2019

Just off Piccadilly, Manchester; 22/7/2019

"Victory Over Blindness" statue outside
Manchester Piccadilly Station; 8/7/2019

Free yellow shuttle-bus beneath Manchester's
sky-slope National Football Museum; 18/6/19

Mancunian humour; 18/6/2019

Manchester Airport from my balcony; 28/1/18

From a (Southport) train window; 28/9/17

At Levenshulme, Manchester; 30/06/2017

At Levenshulme Station; 16/6/17

Near Manchester Piccadilly; 16/6/17

Manchester Aquatics Centre; 29/5/2017

Manchester (University) Museum; 29/5/17

Palace Theatre, Oxford Road; 29/5/2017

Rochdale Canal near Piccadilly; 25/5/2017

Rochdale Canal at Deansgate; 18/5/17

Museum of Science and Industry; 18/5/17

Castlefield; 18/5/2017

Old & new - Roman ruins & various towers

Old & new - Roman Fort gateway,
before Beetham Tower; 18/5/2017

Bridgewater Canal, Castlefield; 18/5/2017

Narrowboat folk art, Castlefield; 18/5/2017

Bridgewater Canal & Beetham Tower; 18/5/17

Castlefield; 20/10/2019

Castlefield; 20/10/2019

Information board, Castlefield; 20/10/2019

Spider Manchester - opposite the
Coach Station, Chorlton St; 13/4/17

Symbol of Manchester; 8/5/2017

Sedum grown between tramlines
 at Deansgate-Castlefield; 18/5/17

Living wall and footbridge, between tram
and train lines at Deansgate; 18/5/2017

Old warehouse, new tower; 4/4/2017

From Beetham Tower to Town Hall; 4/4/17

Deansgate train and tram stations; 4/4/17

Canal, tram and train lines from
Beetham Tower, 4/4/2017 

Sunset from Beetham Tower's Cloud; 4/4/17

Not all like a loo with a view -
enough of Beetham Tower! 4/4/17

Old & new - Saint Ann's Church,
before Beetham Tower; 31/3/17

Beetham Tower (tallest building in
Manchester), Deansgate; 28/3/17

Down Deansgate; 28/3/2017

The Life Cycle, Deansgate; 18/5/17

The Oast House, off Deansgate; 20/10/2019

John Ryland's Library, Deansgate; 20/10/19

Tribute to Chopin at Deansgate; 24/3/2017

Some Mancunian humour -
Lloyd Street; 24/3/2017

Levenshulme's first Monthly Night Market,
held at the train station car park; 17/3/2017

Station car-park art, Levenshulme; 14/3/17

Manchester Art Gallery; 3 & 24/3/2017

A Manchester tram; 9/3/2017

Modern jutting architecture -
Civil Justice Centre; 9/3/2017

Trinity Bridge from Bridge Street; 9/3/17

Manchester Cathedral from
Trinity Bridge; 6/3/2017

Trinity Bridge by night; 1/3/17

Reflections on the Irwell; 13/2/17

Modern Manchester, taken near
Piccadilly Train Station; 6/3/17

Manchester City's stadium, taken near
Piccadilly Train Station; 6/3/2017

On the 1st day of meteorological spring,
daffodils in Parsonage Gardens; 1/3/17

 National Football Museum; 14/5/2015

Manchester Cathedral and Arndale; 14/5/15

Manchester Cathedral; 31/3/2017

Between Manchester Cathedral &
Exchange Sq; 31/3/17 & 20/10/19

In Manchester's Shambles; 20/10/2019

Manchester's Exchange Square; 31/3/2017

Manchester Town Hall & vintage
bus, from Albert Square; 14/5/15

Manchester Town Hall rear, with bridge
to Annex, taken from Cenotaph; 9/3/17

Manchester Town Hall Annex; 24/3/17

Manchester Town Hall bridges; 24/3/2017

Manchester Central Library; 14/5/2015

"Adrift" statue & The Midland Hotel; 24/3/17

Looking down Saint Mary's Gate from
Manchester Arndale Foodcourt; 5/7/16

 The Rylands Building:  once a warehouse; 
then a department store - Pauldens (where
my grandad was a chef), then Debenhams; 
not far from Piccadilly Gardens; 29/3/2017

Wheel of Manchester, Piccadilly Gardens;
13/5/2015 - dismantled June 2015

Tram and bus stops at Piccadilly; 13/5/15