Saturday, 13 August 2011


Poem 42 of 230:  IMPRESSIONS OF LONDON IN 1997


E2 F#3 G1 G1 A3 G2 F#2 F#3
E2 F#1 F#1 F#1-G3 F#2 E2 E3
E2 G1 G1 G3 A2 A2 G1 G3
E2 F#1 F#1 F#1-G3 F#2 E2 E3)

Cabs all uniform in their shape.
    Good galleries make one gape.
Hard-going people on the move -
    Things matter much in this groove.

About the weather lots of moans.
    Solicits stuck on pay-phones.
Summer weather - not bad, I’ve felt.
    Lads giving a ball a belt.

Real estate is worth so much -
    Tenants’ rent sky-high, as such;
Nice stocky buildings all around -
    Will some have to hit the ground?

Cheek to jowl:  council flats needed -
    Stock by demand exceeded;
Building higher seems only way -
    Unless less arrive to stay...

Beaut. looking girls from many lands -
    Grace gone for capital plans;
Polite folks, from many cultures,
    Do become money vultures.

Veiled women in platform shoes.
    High-street beggars in the blues.
Privacy here costs so much -
    Partnerships suffer, as such.

See movies and shows from way back;
    Of good music there’s no lack;
All-day breakfasts at the good pubs;
    An abundance of nightclubs.

Green groomed parklands:  the best I’ve seen -
    Their gardens kept neat and clean;
Geraniums in flowerpots,
    On facades, make pleasing spots.

Floating pubs on the River Thames,
    And its bridges - real gems;
Both ways, here, the water goes -
    Still in range of tidal-flows.

Children, at park lakes, feed the ducks,
    Or watch squirrels take some nuts.
Into ponds, weeping willows sag.
    Sharp attacks on those who lag.

(C) David Franks 2003
Hear here -

Buckingham Palace (or Public Hospital?), 
passed by some of London's cabs; 18/6/15

National Portrait Gallery; 26/6/15

'Lads giving a ball a belt,' Kensington Gardens;
13/7/2014 - actually FIFA World Cup final day!

The Palace of Westminster's Big Ben clock, 
and "nice stocky" Portcullis House; 12/6/15

The Westminster Abbey facade,
 & Saint Paul's dome; June 2015

Old War Office Building, Whitehall; 8/6/15

To see a movie - Leicester Square; 19/2/16

To see a show - Shakespeare's Globe; 14/7/15

1 of London's good pubs, Bayswater; 2/8/14

Hampton Court's 'green groomed parklands,'
on a visit to the famous flower show; 3/7/15

Well groomed Wimbledon; 23/6/14

'Geraniums in flower pots on facades'
in Fitzrovia, near BT Tower; 19/5/2014

Themes & Tower Bridge; 15/9/14 

William Wordsworth's poem 'Composed
Upon Westminster Bridge'; 12/6/2015

Swans, geese & ducks in the Round Pond, 
within Kensington Gardens; 13/7/2014

'Weeping willows' & a Grey Heron
hunting at Regent's Park; 19/5/14

The above pics are closely linked to the lyrics; below is a more-random selection of my London favourites.

Minding the Northern Line gap! 6/6/2016

Big buoy! Thames from Rotherhithe; 12/6/16

With a view, Surrey Quays; 10/6/16

Wonderful windows at Saint Martin-in-
the-Fields, Trafalgar Square; 30/5/2016

Primrose Hill view of London; 23/5/2016

Attractive trees trackside at
Hampstead Heath; 16/5/2016

Highgate Men's (& ducks!) Bathing Pond -
a popular pic on Google Maps; 16/5/2016

Gherkin, Cheese Grater, Walkie-Talkie, Saint
Paul's, & Shard, from Parliament Hill; 16/5/16

Shard-view, including its own shadow; 4/5/16 

Harrods - should it be nationalised? 10/5/16

Hollow Pond, Epping Forest; 20/5/2016

Taken from Cross Rail's roof-top
garden, Canary Wharf; 13/7/2016

An evening view of Canary Wharf and
The Dome, from Greenwich Park; 12/8/16

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich; 12/8/16

The Painted Hall, Greenwich; 12/8/2016

The Cutty Sark, Greenwich; 12/8/2016

Well-lit Natural History Museum Ice Rink
 & surrounds, South Kensington; 29/12/16

Saint Paul's from Millennium Bridge; 14/7/15

The British Library, Boston Spa; 15/6/2015

Very London: red phone box, Big Ben; 12/6/15