Saturday, 5 November 2011


Poem 20 of 230:  CHINA AND INDIA IN 1988

China and India:
    Dense populations both;
But China is, by far,
    Much more humane - my oath;
For through both I took trains,
    And saw the gaps in gains.

China and India:
    Great cuisines they have both;
But China is, by far,
    Much more humane - my oath;
For not once in packed China
    Was I begged by a minor.

China and India:
    Lasting cultures in both;
But china is, by far,
    Much more humane - my oath;
For India does need
    Left-policies - indeed!

(China and India:
    Many creatures in both;
But, in this case, China
    Is less kindly - my oath;
For, on pain, they fret less
    In keeping their food fresh.)

(C) David Franks 2003

Busy streets in Hong Kong, China; Dec. 2019

At Nan Lian Gardens, Hong Kong; 7/12/19

At Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong; 6/12/2019

Markets at Wan Chai, Hong Kong; 5/12/19

Hong Kong street food, Wan Chai; Dec. 2019

Dim sum in Wan Chai, Hong Kong; Dec. 19

Formal Chinese Tea Ceremony; 2/12/2016

A money changer in Hong Kong passes time
on zhezhi (predecessor of origami); 4/12/19

Junk ship on Hong Kong's harbour; 4/12/19

At H.K. Heritage Discovery Centre; 4/12/19

 Interesting roadside horticulture and seaside
bamboo scaffolding at Deep Water Bay, plus
a shrine near Hong Kong Golf Club; 6/12/19

Opera and flower stands in HK; 6/12/2019

Nan Lian Garden/Chi Lin Nunnery; 7/12/19

This is now - H.K. tunnel; 4/12/19

Keeping their food fresh, Wan Chai; 5/12/19