Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Poem 8 of 230:  CRONULLA

South of Sydney,
    Sand and sea -
That’s Cronulla.

Surfies and girls,
    Sunbleached curls -
At Cronulla.

The promenades,
    The lifeguards -
That’s Cronulla.

A modern mall,
    Flats stand tall -
At Cronulla.

(C) David Franks 2003

From flights into SYD in 2012 and 2016 atop

Shark Island surfies; spring 2015 

North Cronulla Beach; spring 2017

Sth. Cronulla Beach; spring 2013

Nth. Cronulla Beach; spring 2011

Cronulla's modern mall; spring 2017

Flats of Cronulla; spring 2017

Flats of Cronulla; spring 2017

The above pics are closely linked to the verses; below is a more-random selection of my Cronulla favourites.

Sth. Cronulla Beach Rock Pool; spring 2017

Beside the Promenade, Cronulla; spring 2017

(Remnant) Cronulla Sand Dunes; spring 2012

From Cronulla to Kurnell; spring 2012

Shelley Beach and Rock Pool; spring 2012

Beautiful Cronulla rock pools; spring 2012

Panorama of Bate Bay, taken on my old FinePix camera; spring 2012