Saturday, 6 February 2010


Poem 229 of 230:  JOYS OF LIFE

Leightons, and other great art;
    Plumes of fireworks at night;
The vivid reds of sunrise -
    Repeated at day’s last light.

The beats through us of a drum;
    Winter’s sun felt through closed glass;
Handing in the last exam;
    Awakenings - alarmless!

The ball, off thee, whacks their net;
    When, to palms, leather has stuck;
Orange juice during half-time;
    A warm bath to wash the muck.

Limited-overs cricket;
    A golf ball, for once, well struck;
Viewing velodrome cycling;
    From net-chord, levelling luck!

Sticks, chants, didgeridoo,
    Haunting harps, and all bagpipes;
Clog, flamenco, tamure,
    Hula, and other dance types.

Out, by a cast, being told;
    In - taking tea and T.V.;
Highland views that command rest;
    The buildings of Italy.

Thrifty plant-propagation;
    By a wave, one’s body hit;
Upstream of camp - with paddle;
    By a fire - strongly lit.

Forest spent-leaves under foot;
    Tasting a host-nation’s fare;
Alcedo atthis at work;
    Just-bills being brought to bear.

Allegros when feeling low;
    An andante to wind down;
Spoken French and chorused song;
    The quiet when out of town.

A stroll through a kept garden,
    Before Sunday’s roast dinner;
A pub game, drink and meal;
    One’s team a comeback winner.

 (C) David Franks 2003

Leightons at Manchester Art Gallery; 9/3/17

A Leighton at the Tate Gallery, London;

A Leighton at the Tate Gallery, London;

A Leighton at the National Gallery, London;

Baguio, Philippines; 30/11/2015

Walthamstow, London; 5/11/2016

Sunrise south of Manchester; 12/12/2017

Sunset in Birmingham, England; 4/5/2015

"Winter's sun felt through closed glass"

Primrose Hill, London; 23/5/2016

Anvil cloud south-west of Manchester; 25/5/2017