Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Poem 127 of 230:  TO SPACIOUS SOUTHPORT - AUTUMN 2000

Most of the leaves
    Of poplar trees
Had fallen free
    When to the sea,
By bus then train,
    In stop/start rain,
I headed-down
    From Radcliffe Town.

After Wigan,
    The train began
To pass across
    What to me was
A coastal plain
    To see again -
With varied crops,
    And grazing ops.

From the station,
Soon came to eye
    As I walked, by
The gallery,
    Toward the sea,
And thereby thought:
    “Spacious Southport.”

(C) David Franks 2003

Wigan Wallgate railway station; 3/10/2018

Between Wigan and Southport; 3/10/2018

Between Wigan and Southport; 28/8/2017

New structure behind Southport St; 28/8/17

Atkinson Art Gallery; 28/8/2017
Toward the Southport coastline; 28/8/2017
Just North of Spacious Southport; 3/10/18
Just South of Spacious Southport; 3/10/18

Southport Caravan Site; 3/10/2018