Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Poem 120 of 230:  A GOOD SEASIDE DAY - AUTUMN 2000

Via the art gallery,
    Blackpool how it used to be;
Via a famous tower,
    The Blackpool of the hour.
Via a maritime Mount,
    Fleetwood with its channel out.
And, via a coastline tram,
    The autumn-night lit-art jam.

(C) David Franks 2003

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool; 27/4/2017

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Blackpool Tower and North Pier; 27/4/17

Blackpool Tower and entertainment; 27/4/17

Model of the Tower, within it; 27/4/17

Was a free circus, now it's a movie; 27/4/17

"The Blackpool of the hour" (above); 27/4/17

Modern tram and Comedy Carpet; 27/4/17

Up the west coast; 27/4/17

A cool stool; 27/4/2017

Pleasure Gardens in the foreground,
Pennines in the background; 27/4/17

A colourful row of terraced houses; 27/4/17

Blackpool F.C's Bloomfield Road stadium; 27/4/17

Down the west coast; 27/4/17

Skull on a roof; 27/4/2017

Lifesaving by the sea; 27/4/2017

Higher level alternative; 27/4/2017

To be continued...