Thursday, 10 March 2011


Poem 95 of 230:  A GOOD LIFE

For fauna,
Falconry -
    Starve or free?
Sheep for wool -
    Fed till full.
Chooks for eggs -
    Free-range legs.
Milk from cows -
    Should well house
(Better grade
    Can be made).
Fish for gain -
    Cut the pain.
Kosher and
    Halal banned.
Dogs for pets -
    No regrets.
And question

This does say
    Buddha’s way,
And Blake’s way:
    A good life -
For all life.

(C) David Franks 2003

"Free-range legs," Chorley, Lancs; 21/9/19

Snake's head fritillary, Lancaster; 20/4/19

Gull at Southport, Lancashire; 3/10/2018

Ivy for autumn nectar; 3/10/18

Starlings over Highfield Country Pk.; 4/8/18

Magpies at Fog Lane Pk., Didsbury; 20/4/18

Magpie near Botany Bay, Sydney; 1/12/18

Nairobi K.W.S. Safari Walk ; February 2014

Birmingham Botanical Gardens; 26/8/2016

Highfield Country Park; 30/6/2017

Moorhen & coots, Canada Water; 10/6/16

Hawthorns, Primrose Hill, London; 23/5/16

"Home flora," Hyde Pk.; 18/4/16

Swans' nest, Hyde Park, London; 18/4/16

Mallards, Regent's Park, London; 6/5/2016

Well-housed cattle in Gloucester; 22/10/15

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Red Fox -
near Cromford, Derbyshire; 18/9/2014

Aus. flora & fauna at Audley; October 2013

Oriental Garden Lizard & Water Monitor in Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand; 11/10/2012
Oriental Garden Lizard and Water Monitor,
Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand; 11/10/12