Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Poem 96 of 230:  PARADIGMS

“Thirty-all” is, in effect, “deuce”;
    Nobody has seen an “atom”:
An atom remains a model;
    “Thirty-all” an umpire’s call.
“There we just simply had to bomb”;
    And there are other given “truths”...

If we humans evolved from apes,
    Why on earth are there living apes?
And, not eyeing where serve should fall,
    Why bounce a tennis ball, at all?!

(C) David Franks 2003

Once our junior tennis team's home-court -
Fenton Avenue, Caringbah, Sydney; 5/10/12

Natural History Museum, London; 28/12/16

Darwin - Natural History Museum; 28/12/16

Owen - Natural History Museum; 28/12/16