Saturday, 11 June 2011


Poem 64 of 230:  LIVERPOOL

Caught a train, along a long-used line,
    From Manchester to Liverpool.
On that day, the weather was fine:
    Sunny - just a little bit cool.
There, I purchased a Walkabout Guide,
    Marked some sights, and headed outside.

As usual when first at such a place,
    I walked to the main art-gallery,
The central mall, and the garden space;
    Then headed down to the wide Mersey.
There, from ferry, I viewed the skyline -
    A good sturdy cityscape, for mine.

(C) David Franks 2003

Museum of Liverpool; 1/5//2018

Liverpool-Manchester line; 25/1/17

The guide I used that day in 1999

The modern mall, Liverpool; 20/7/2017

A bowl of scouse, Liverpool; 25/1/2017

Unique garden space, by the Hilton; 20/7/17

A ferry on the wide Mersey; 20/7/2017

View of cityscape from Mersey ferry; 1/5/18

Liverpool cityscape, with the 3 Graces; 1/5/18