Friday, 10 June 2011


Poem 65 of 230:  NORTH WALES

“Hills meeting sea”
    Proclaims to me
“Good scenery.”

And it’s views of North Wales,
    Both sides of the train-rails,
Whereupon this thought hails.

(C) David Franks 2003

North of the train-rails, Wales; 5/6/2017

South-side of the train-rails, Wales; 5/6/17

Coastline & train-line, North Wales; 5/6/17

Verdant North Wales from a train; 5/6/2017

A rail-side North Wales golf links; 5/6/2017

"Hills meeting sea," North Wales; 5/6/2017

Fine farmland in North Wales; 27/8/2018

A mooring in North Wales; 27/8/2018

Hillside of the rails in North Wales; 27/8/18

Seaside of the rails in North Wales; 27/8/18