Thursday, 9 June 2011


Poem 66 of 230:  TO SCOTLAND, AGAIN

By coach from central Manchester -
    In-between stops at Bolton,
Carlisle, and Hamilton -
    To Glasgow, these are sights I saw...

Some sheep (daubed vividly with blue),
    Filing down a well-worn path,
Did form a long woolly-lath,
    Aimed at a lusher greener hue.

A farmer on a four-wheeler -
    His canine friend close beside;
A horse not on call to ride:
    On leave - a no-shoe non-heeler!

Convex pastures with heath-moorland;
    And flatter grain-plains below:
Cropped, awaiting till-and-sow -
    Perhaps with grazing beforehand.

Passed Edwin Waugh territory,
    Cumbria’s sharp forms and tones
Compelled sense, off seat-cramped bones,
    To their well-honed long-read story.

Further north, farms of slighter falls:
    One a black-sheep specialist,
With some Friesians on the list -
    All held between old dry-stone-walls.

The Lakes behind, a strong Scotch mist
    Changed the Sun to a full-moon
And hid scenery, till soon -
    Light, and the wide scenes on Burns’ list.

New farms harnessing the wind’s blow,
    Old white-and-grey-cottage views;
Plus pines, espousing the hues -
    In distinct leaf-tones - of Glasgow.

(C) David Franks 2003

Manchester to Glasgow by fast-moving train,
during December 2019, following heavy rain 

A Scotch-like mist at home in Manchester -
 turning "the Sun to a full-moon"; 19/1/2020

Glasgow Central Station; 11/12/2019

Buchanan Street, Glasgow; 11/12/2019

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow; 11/12/2019

George Square, Glasgow; 11/12/2019

Glasgow City Chambers; 11/12/2019

Ingram Street building, Glasgow; 11/12/19 

Bridges over Glasgow's River Clyde; 12/12/19

Some lit Christmas decoration in Glasgow -
Buchanan Street & George Square 11/12/19