Thursday, 10 November 2011


Poem 15 of 230:  TOREO

I’m a fan of the Spanish way -
    I like their houses and their food;
But there is one thing I must say -
    Their bullfights do upset my mood.

The matadors may be brave folk,
    And the tradition an old one;
But what must also be spoke
    Is - the bulls’ pain before they’re done.

(C) David Franks 2003

Ex-bullring in Barcelona, Spain; 26/5/2018

Vegetable paella & a glass of sangria

Patatas bravas (fried potatoes) at a tapas bar

Pension balcony, Barcelona; 27/5/18

Nice Juliet balconies, Barcelona; 25/5/2018

Gaudi balcony, Park Güell; 28/5/18

Beautiful house near Park Güell; 28/5/2018

La Casa Trias, Park Guell, Barcelona; 28/5/18

Trompe-l'œil, Barcelona; 28/5/18

Balcony bananas, Barcelona; 27/5/18 

The above pics are closely linked to the verse; below is a more-random selection of my Barcelona favourites.
Barcelona Port, Columbus Monument,
Waves Sculpture, & Montjuic; 24/5/18

Luxury yachts at Barcelona Port; 24/5/18
Barceloneta Beach by night; 24/5/2018

Sagrada Familia - NEARLY finished; 26/5/18

Sagrada with stormtroopers! 26/5/18

Barcelona Cathedral; 26/5/2018

Barcelona Cathedral; 26/5/18

Shop in Gothic Quarter, Barcelona; 16/5/18

La Rambla, Barcelona; 26/5/18

Placa Reial, off La Rambla, Barcelona; 2/6/18

Barcelona's beachfront; 27/5/2018

Barceloneta Beach; 27/5/2018

Fan palms & Roman wall; 27/5.18

View from Park Guell, Barcelona; 28/5/18

Park Guell, Barcelona; 28/5/18

Sagrada Familia and Mediterranean,
from Park Guell, Barcelona; 28/5/18

Park Guell, Barcelona; 28/5/18

Tibidabo from Park Guell, Barcelona; 28/5/18

Montjuic Funicular; 28/5/2018

Montjuic Cable Car, Barcelona; 28/5/2018

Montjuic Castle, Barcelona; 28/5/2018

Barcelona Port from Montjuic; 28/5/2018

View of Barcelona from Montjuic; 28/5/18

Next time, maybe - there is another gondola
from Montjuic down to Barceloneta; 28/5/18