Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Poem 16 of 230:  A BEAUTIFUL STAGE

If a couple, with plans to wed,
    Asked me, off the top of my head,
On somewhere I thought well in-tune
    As a place for a honeymoon,
It would have - flashing back - to be
    Beautifully-honed Italy.

(C) David Franks 2003

Farmland by Fiumicino Airport,
on my 2nd visit to Italy; 3/5/19

Rome-Lido Railway; 4/5/2019

Fine interior and organ playing -
Basilica of Saint Paul; 4/5/2019

Grounds of Saint Paul's Basilica; 4/5/2019

Beautiful stone pines around Rome; 4/5/19

Architecture & flora of Lido di Ostia, Rome,
where even the graffiti looks stylish! 4/5/19

Coastline of Ostia, from the pier; 4/5/2019

A slight criticism of Ostia Lido: the groynes
form a lagoon too shallow for swimming...
perhaps some swim beyond them? 4/5/19 

Vatican & a (too) big Basilica queue; 4/5/19

Interlude at Via della Concillazione; 4/5/19

Bridge & Castle Saint Angelo, Rome; 4/5/19

Ponte Umberto over the River Tiber; 4/5/19

Ponte Vittorio over the River Tiber; 4/5/19

San Simeone Sq, Rome; 4/5/2019

Via dei Coronari, Rome; 4/5/19

Piazzo Navona and fountains, Rome; 4/5/19

Outside the Pantheon, Rome; 4/5/2019

In the Pantheon, Rome; 4/5/19

Near the Pantheon, Rome; 4/5/19

I may well return to Rome as I threw a coin
and drank at the Trevi Fountain; 4/5/2019

Column of the Immaculate
Conception, Rome; 4/5/2019

The Spanish Steps, Rome; 4/5/19

Spagna underground station, Rome; 4/5/19

Via del Corso, Rome; 4/5/2019

Shopping on Via del Corso, Rome; 4/5/2019

Marcus Aurelius Column; 4/5/19

Altar of the Fatherland, Rome; 4/5/2019

Roman Forum, plus pines and olives; 4/5/19 

Arch of Constantine, Rome; 4/5/19

The Colosseum, Rome; 4/5/2019

Bridges over Rome's Tiber, near Foro Italico:
Duca d'Aosta, Musica, and Milvio; 6/5/2019

Foro Italico on the 1st qualifying day of the
Italian Open tournament, Rome; 6/5/2019

Pyramid of Cestius, Rome; 6/5/2019

Sunset on Ostia, Rome, & my visit; 6/5/19